Introducing WeTask



In the world of coronaviruses, companies are struggling to survive. As the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) spreads, business models are put to the test. As companies borrow from federal governments to stay afloat, they inflate the global corporate debt. Companies rush to receive bailouts and financial support from the government. Borrowing to survive exposes an organizational weakness - operational rigidity.

Introducing WeTask: Modern Task Management

WeTask is a task management software, built on top of a version control system, for the modern organization. In the world of coronaviruses, modern organizations are flexible, efficient, and responsive. Modern organizations achieve flexible organizational structures by adjusting team structures in real-time, achieve operational efficiency by managing tasks, and become responsive using version control systems.

WeTask Features

WeTask is the modern task management software featuring: flexible organizational structures, version control, and open-ended adaptation.

Flexible Organizational Structures

Tasks are activities with a defined start and end date or a deadline for completion. Tasks can be linked together to create dependencies, where the completion of one task is dependent on another. Tasks allow organizations to achieve work-related goals. WeTask allows individuals to create tasks for themselves and for others. Team leaders can create tasks and assign tasks to themselves or other team members and vice versa. WeTask allows team leaders to approve, disapprove, or modify tasks created by team members and vice versa. WeTask allows organizations to modify teams and tasks. WeTask allows modern organizations to achieve responsive operational efficiency and flexible organizational structures. WeTask creates flexible organizations, powered by modern task management features.

Version Control

Version control, also known as source control, is the management of changes to information or data. In the context of WeTask, the version control system refers to the management of changes to tasks. Version control systems allow organizations to better track changes or versions of the tasks. WeTask is built on top of a custom version control system powered by a diff algorithm. WeTask stores all data using the JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data) format. WeTask version control allows organizations to branch and merge roles, teams, and tasks.

Open-Ended Adaptation

Modern organizations are adapting to market conditions in real-time. Modern organizations engage in complex collective behaviors to accomplish complex open-ended goals. WeTask allows organizations to spin up new teams quickly when unplanned changes arise and enables team members to suggest bottom-up changes to the work and the organization. Changes can be issued at any time by team leaders and team members. WeTask allows organizations to achieve open-ended adaptation to meet changing market needs.

WeTask Benefits

WeTask benefits organizations, team leaders, and team members in three ways: accelerated innovation, increased organizational efficiency and improved project management.

Accelerates Innovation

WeTask empowers organizations to make decisions bottom-up, not just top-down. One of the major problems with today's top-down organizations (traditional organizations) is proximity is low. In top-down organizations, leaders and team leaders assign tasks for workers. In bottom-up organizations, workers suggest changes to the work and the organization. In bottom-up organizations, workers are on the edge of innovation.

Increases Organizational Efficiency

WeTask allows organizational to operate at the speed of change. Since leaders, team leaders, and team members are able to make changes to organizational structure, organizations are able to adapt in real-time. Organizations that modify governance structures and project tasks in real-time are far more efficient than their traditional counterparts.

Improves Project Management

WeTask introduces a new paradigm into project management, version control. While this concept is common in developing and managing code, it is not common in developing and managing tasks. WeTask allows all tasks to be managed by any person on the team. Top-down and bottom-up project management allows modern organizations to move at the speed of change.


In a rapidly changing economy, accelerated by COVID-19, organizational flexibility is the only way modern organizations can survive. Thanks to WeTask, modern organizations move at the speed of tasks.


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Created by Slava Kurilyak (slavakurilyak.eth)