Introducing Daploy



Modern organizations use open-source software to save money and time. Instead of developing proprietary software, companies can use free software thanks to open source. Today, the largest host of open source is Github with more than 46 million users and more than 47 million public repositories.

To better understand the open-source landscape, consider open-source sustainability and open source license alternatives.

Open Source Sustainability

Most open-source projects are not making money, are maintained by single developers, and struggle to fund one full-time engineering position. Open source projects lack capital for support, premium features, and hosting. If an open-source project receives donations, the money is typically used on hosting. Most open-source projects have no funds for ongoing support or premium features.

Open Source License Alternative

Some cloud infrastructure providers make money by offering open-source projects as commercial services. The same cloud vendors fail to give back to the open-source projects or their commercial shepherds. Open-source licenses do not prevent these providers from doing so. While source-available licenses may offer hope, they are still being field or court-tested.

Open-source license alternatives include MongoDB Server Side Public License (SSPL), Confluent Community License (CCL), Timescale License (TSL), Redis Source Available License (RSAL), Neo4J Commons Clause, Cockroach Community License (CCL), Dgraph (using Cockroach Community License), Elastic License, Sourcegraph Fair SourceLicense, MariaDB Business Source License (BSL).

Introducing Daploy: Modern Managed Open Source

Daploy is a managed repository as a service. Daploy is a cloud-agnostic managed hosting provider for open source projects. Daploy is the equivalent of the Apple iOS Store or Android Play Store for open source projects, allowing organizations to quickly install open source projects with one-click deployments.

Modern organizations partner with Daploy to streamline the management, deployment, and hosting of open-source software. With Daploy, organizations can get deploy open-source projects faster without vendor lock-in.

Daploy forms strategic partnerships with open source projects and provides a new revenue stream for open source-centric organizations seeking alternative funding mechanisms.

Daploy also contributes to the development of open source-centric organizations by providing alternative funding models. This partnership allows organizations to continue developing using open-source licensing while benefiting from recurring revenue.

Most open-source projects fail to generate revenue. With Daploy, open-source developers focus on building open source projects. Daploy takes care of the rest.

Most organizations need help to manage open-source software. With Daploy, organizations focus on using open source projects. Daploy takes care of the rest.

Daploy Features

Daploy combines the latest advancements in software-as-a-service, deployment & hosting, and managed services.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Daploy is a SaaS platform, powered by cloud computing, which includes:

  • Managed from a central location

  • Hosted on a remote server

  • Accessible over the internet

  • Users not responsible for hardware or software updates

Deployment and Hosting

Deployment is an activity that makes open-source software available for use. Deployment activities include release, installation, and activation, deactivation, uninstallation, update, built-in update, version tracking.

Daploy allows organizations to host open-source projects without vendor lock-in. Daploy uses multi-cloud to deploy and host open-source software on popular cloud vendors. Daploy works with Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

Managed Services

Managed services are the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating the need for, a range of processes and functions to improve operations and cut expenses.

Daploy partners with open source-centric companies and extends open-source software for commercial use. Daploy offers managed services to provide a seamless user experience across management, billing, and support.

While some companies use in-house expertise to integrate free open source projects into their technology stacks, most companies need to manage open source projects.

Daploy Benefits

Daploy benefits open source developers by providing alternative funding models and organizations wanting to open source projects by providing a platform for scaling open source.

Funding Open Source

Daploy makes it easy for open source projects to receive funding.

Daploy services the open-source community by developing strategic partnerships.

If your company develops software, SaaS hosting could open a new realm of business opportunities.

Daploy forms strategic partnerships with open source-centric companies. Daploy supports and gives back to these partners by providing ongoing revenue to encourage development.

Scaling Open Software

Daploy simplifies software deployment, hosting, and maintenance for developers and simplifies the management of repositories for organizations. Daploy makes it easy to deploy open-source projects into production. With Daploy, open-source projects focus on development and Daploy takes care of the deployment and hosting. Daploy allows companies to quickly deploy Github repositories into production.

Daploy allows companies to quickly deploy Github repositories into production. Daploy makes it easy to deploy open-source projects into production. Organizations use Daploy as a managed services provider for AWS, GCP, or Azure. With Daploy, open-source projects focus on development and Daploy takes care of the deployment and hosting.

Modern organizations want to use open-source technology easily and in a cloud-native way. Daploy makes open source more available with a cloud-native experience.


Developers, teams, and businesses of all sizes use Daploy to deploy, manage, and scale open source projects. From simple prototypes or business-critical products, Daploy is a fully managed platform that gives organizations a simple path to deploying and hosting open source software quickly.

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Created by Slava Kurilyak (slavakurilyak.eth)